FileApp Help

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    I don't see files in FileApp what gives?

    FileApp is a file manager and viewer but does not browse the iOS system itself.
    In other words, FileApp will show the files that you add to it. These could be files attached to incoming emails, files downloaded form the Internet, or files “Imported” using the “+” menu or “Opened In” in FileApp from an other app. By every mean they must have been added to the FileApp documents folder.
    iTunes can help you add files, but iMazing, our Desktop app (available both for Windows and Mac) lets you add any file or even whole folders with their internal file structure in a breeze via USB or Wi-Fi. You can download and try iMazing for free here.

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    I don't see a file I just added in FileApp, how can this be?

    Refresh FileApp display (swipe the FileApp screen toward the bottom) and make sure you are looking exactly at the location you have added the file – by the way, have you checked in the Downloads folder?

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    FileApp is not operating correctly, how do I fix this?

    1. Relaunch FileApp
    2. Make sure you are running the very latest available version
    3. Restart your device – power it off completely and turn it on again

    If the above fail, delete FileApp and reinstall a fresh version from the App Store. If you are logged in the App Store with the same account you purchased the app you should not be charged a second time.
    To backup and conserve your files prior to deleting FileApp you should use iMazing – just use the free 14 days trial!

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    How do I exchange or backup my files with a computer?

    Transfer files between any Mac or PC and FileApp with iMazing – just use the free 14 days trial and see how this works for you.

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    I have an idea, a suggestion or a comment, are you interested?

    Absolutely, hearing from you is crucial, send your thoughts to [email protected]
    If you think FileApp does well please add a nice review in to the App Store (it does help a lot!).

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    None of the above help, can I talk to someone?

    Sure, you can drop us a line: [email protected]
    We will have a close look at the issue, if it is something we can fix easily we’ll do it. We release service updates quite regularly so please make sure you have enabled Automatic updates for apps – from the devices’ Settings choose iTunes and App Store and under Automatic Downloads toggle Updates for app ON.